Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where do you keep your calendar?

If you live in the Netherlands, you probably keep a "birthday calendar" on the back of the bathroom door. Since the bathroom door is usually directly in front of the toilet, there's a clear line of sight to view the upcoming birthdays of your friends and family. This always makes me chuckle, as my company sells photo calendars. Your loved ones could be looking right back at you as you do your business. In a house we visited last night, the calendar had pictures of the Dutch royal family in it. How patriotic :-)

The other interesting thing about Dutch bathrooms (referred to as "the Toilet"), is that there's ONLY a toilet in the room. Then, next door (or across the hall) there's another room with a sink to wash your hands and sometimes a true shower or bathtub. It always makes it interesting at parties. I never know which door to use!

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ljc said...

OMG... I totally have a calendar in our bathroom next to the toilet! Aaron was missing important dates like when to give the pets their heartworm pills and I thought... where would I have his complete attention? Hah hah! It works great!