Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wild Turkeys

I went to a STEP class at the YMCA in San Rafael last week and after class noticed a bunch of women huddled by the window. I went over to see what they were looking at and noticed two HUGE wild turkeys. You can't see it that well in the photo, but the male was definitely strutting his stuff for the female. He was pretty proud of himself, with feathers fanned out like a peacock. She on the otherhand, couldn't have cared less, and went on eating.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Our trusty dock boat

Last weekend I went back to DC to visit my friends. I stopped into our neighborhood to have lunch with a neighbor, and went down to the lake to clean out our "dock boat." For those of you who helped build it, and who took a sail on it - you'll be glad to know it's as sturdy as the day it was built. A little dirtier maybe, but it's stil solid. I hope to get back someday to take it out for a spin on the lake.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cooking Cooking Cooking

Work has been crazy the past few months, but this weekend I took some time to do something I love - which is cook. I got to try a few new recipes, but more importantly, I was able to make 2 weeks worth of lunches to take to work. Between Friday night and Sunday afternoon I made:

-Hawaiian Poki (marinated ahi tuna served raw)
-Thai red curry chicken & jasmine rice
-Chicken Pho (a Vietnamese chicken noodle soup)
-Hoisin glazed pork tenderloin with sesame stir fried bok choi
-Channa masala (Indian curried chickpeas)
-Beet & apple salad
-Chipotle deviled eggs
-Sauteed garlic spinach
-Balsamic reduction with strawberries and marscapone cream

There were a lot of dishes to wash, but luckily I have a husband who will gladly trade dishwashing for food :-)