Friday, May 15, 2009

Santorini Wildlife

On Santorini there were tons of dogs laying about. They would lay in the middle of the walkway or in doors of shops. Most didn't have collars, but they appeared well fed - and I was encouraged to see that many local shops had food and water bowls outside for them.

Usually I hate seeing island dogs because they're skinny and skittish - but these dogs seemed to have it made. Every now and then one would jump up and bark and run down the path to greet another, and they'd tear through the streets barking happily away.

Cats on the other hand were also plentiful, but a bit skinny. They were excellent beggars though and really knew how to pour on the charm in an outdoor restaurant. A few pieces of my dinner always seemed to slip off my fork and fall to the floor. I just don't know how that happened, but the cats seemed appreciative. :-)

This kitty seemed content to just stare at me, knowing she was safe behind a wrought iron fence. It was the Santorini version of a Zoo :-)

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