Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was surfing around the other day and came upon a fun little word game. Pick any word in the dictionary. Change a few letters around, and create the definition. I chose two words that are on my mind right now: International and Europe. See my creations below.

Internationaxed –(v.) The unexpected turn of events that unfold when your husband is able to keep his job when following you to Europe for a year, but then unsuccessful in getting transferred back to the US when you return. The kicker? He's stuck in Amsterdam while I'm back in San Francisco. Irony abounds.

Euroops – (n.) The fleeting thought that runs through your mind when you’re trying to decide if your year in Europe was worth your husband getting internationaxed - especially when his only request when agreeing to go, was that he be able to stay with his current employer.


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ljc said...

Oh noooo! I had no idea. That does stink! Your words are very good though and you could write Sniglets for a living!