Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cooking Cooking Cooking

Work has been crazy the past few months, but this weekend I took some time to do something I love - which is cook. I got to try a few new recipes, but more importantly, I was able to make 2 weeks worth of lunches to take to work. Between Friday night and Sunday afternoon I made:

-Hawaiian Poki (marinated ahi tuna served raw)
-Thai red curry chicken & jasmine rice
-Chicken Pho (a Vietnamese chicken noodle soup)
-Hoisin glazed pork tenderloin with sesame stir fried bok choi
-Channa masala (Indian curried chickpeas)
-Beet & apple salad
-Chipotle deviled eggs
-Sauteed garlic spinach
-Balsamic reduction with strawberries and marscapone cream

There were a lot of dishes to wash, but luckily I have a husband who will gladly trade dishwashing for food :-)

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