Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to work

After 9 months of traveling, cooking, volunteering, visiting family and contracting, I start working full time again on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to going back to work full time, but am a little sad about having less time to cook and try new recipes. From desserts to Asian foods, I can honestly say that I've gotten better as a cook. I can now properly pan sear scallops, make a restaurant quality Thai noodle dish, and cream butter and sugar for baked goods. Twenty more years of practice and I might actually be good at this cooking thing :-)

Recipes tried over the past 6 weeks
1) Pretzel crunch
2) Fruity pebbles cookies
3) Compost cookies (potato chips and pretzel mix-ins)
4) Cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies
5) Apple pie cake (with frosting that tastes like pie crust)
6) Pecan "crack pie"
7) Candy bar pie (peanut butter nougat on top of salted caramel and chocolate)

8) Thai curry mashed potatoes
9) Brussels sprouts with pancetta and garlic
10) Green bean casserole (from scratch)
11) Seafood miso soup
12) Mushroom soup
13) Italian wedding soup
14) Portuguese kale soup

15) Gluten free monkey bread
16) Gluten free apple pie cake
17) Gluten free cornflake cookies
18) Gomae (Japanese spinach with sesame seeds)
19) Thai steamed turbot (from Ellie Krieger)
20) Slanted Door's crab cellophane noodles
21) Raclette
22) Sausage and swiss quiche with hashbrown crust

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Karen Kenney said...

No more practicing, you are awesome already! That fish looks good, yum!