Monday, January 5, 2009

It's hamster week!

It's hamster week at the Albert Heijn grocery store. I'm not sure why hamsters are part of the ad, but they're pretty cute and they even sell stuffed hamsters as part of the promotion. Definitely makes 30% off more exciting than just a price tag with a red line through it.


Lacey said...

What about the game? Don't you want to win the minute of free hamstering?

Lori said...

Oh NO! I meant to grab a ticket on the counter (and buy one of the little stuffed hamsters). I had no idea what the ticket was good for though until I went to the web site after reading your comment. I guess I should have taken Dutch classes with you guys! I could have done a Dutch version of "supermarket sweep!" Drat :-) Hope you had a great Christmas!