Monday, February 23, 2009

Las Ramblas in Barcelona

When I graduated from high school, my Spanish teacher Señora Romero gave me a book of the sights of Barcelona and inscribed it with a note that said she hoped that I would see the city someday and that I'd continue with my Spanish until I mastered it. I got her wishes 3/4 right. Let's just say that my Spanish is a bit rusty, but as long as I can speak in the present tense, I'm ok :-)

In Barcelona there's a wide street called Las Ramblas, which meanders its way down to the port and the waterfront area. It's a popular place for a stroll with lots to see, like these street performers - but the most interesting (and distressing) part for me to see is the pet shops.

They're in the open air and they sell pretty much every animal around, like:


Baby Chicks (scooped up by the handful)

And teeny tiny bunnies.

As an animal lover, I just wanted them to all have happy homes.

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