Monday, August 24, 2009

Car wash ineptitude

My car was filthy, so yesterday I decided to get it washed at the gas station. Getting a car washed is not a monumental task unless you're inept like me.

Whenever I go to the automated car washes, the staffers are always waving wildly to get me to turn my wheel in order to line up with the track. For whatever reason, I'm terrible at guessing where my wheel is, but at least there I have help.

At gas station car washes, you're on your own. The last time I tried an unattended gas station car wash it had a little ramp that you had to drive up on with just your left front wheel. Needless to say, I sucked at that kind too. The multiple attempts and cars stacking up behind me scared me off of gas station car washes for 10 years.

On Sunday, I got brave. I tried a gas station car wash again, but this time you just had to drive in between two "speed bumps." Seems easy enough, but I messed that up too and had to drive out without the wash since the car behind me wouldn't let me back up so I could try again.

My 2nd attempt was successful - though it took another 20 minutes of waiting in line. If you ever see me driving a filthy car, you'll know why. I've got no skills in the automated car wash department - and sadly, it's not a very high threshold.

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