Monday, August 17, 2009

Our new place

When Brett and I moved to the Bay area in 2007, we kept our house in the DC suburbs, turned it into a rental, and put everything into storage. The first year here, we lived in a furnished home that was owned by a family who was living in Italy. Our second year away, we lived in a furnished home in Amsterdam. Upon returning to the Bay area in June, we decided to rent an unfurnished apartment.

We moved in last week. Overall it's been great. The waterfall outside our window (while cheesy) is relaxing, the dog loves the dog park out back, and my commute is 25 min. Brett likes the local brew pub across the street and being able to walk to the ferry in 5 min.

For your viewing pleasure are a few pictures of our place. It's bland. It's boring. Everything in it had to be purchased over the last few weeks, but it's done, and now the credit cards can stop smoking :-)

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