Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear neighbors: The walls are really thin....

We had some new neighbors move in recently and let's just say that the walls are pretty thin. I had somewhat gotten used to the annoying subwoofer and picture hanging at midnight, but I was awakened this morning to screaming, yelling and crying. After ensuring that there wasn't a domestic violence issue (it appeared to be a phone call), we couldn't help but be riveted by what we heard next:

You *bleeped* it all up. It's on MY insurance! You've ruined everything! How could you do this? Well, it was YOUR choice. You chose to do it. Your dad chose to do it. Not everyone chooses it. That's how life works.... How long are they taking your license away? Was anyone hurt? I can't believe you drove drunk. You've ruined everything.

Then today there was lots of screaming and swearing with statements like "it's my body and you can't tell me what to do with it" and "You're not even listening you bleep" Then the final shot "just go out with your friends and don't come back!" which was followed by a knock at the door, a slammed door, then silence.

It's like having my own little soap opera (at least until Monday when we move) :-)

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