Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's not a food blog - but I have been cooking a lot....

I love to cook, and if I had to pick a favorite style, it would probably be Asian. I've taken Thai and Indian cooking classes, and once you find a good Asian grocer, the recipes aren't that hard.

Yesterday I created my own "Vietnamese Pho" recipe, by taking adding fresh lime leaves, Thai basil and fish sauce (Nam Pla) to the broth. I threw in some bok choi, noodles, chicken slices and mushrooms, and the result was a satisfying Thai chicken noodle soup. It might not be authentic, but it was very fresh tasting.

Then I decided to up the ante. Brett loves getting miso black cod when we go out for dinner, but at $18 a pop, it's not the cheapest. I did some searching online and found a recipe so we could make it at home. For about $25 in ingredients, we were able to make 4 servings of a restaurant quality meal. Gratifying (and easy). Yum.

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