Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Chez Geoffroy" opens in Corte Madera

Every now and then I picture myself owning a bed and breakfast. In reality though, I'm just not a morning person. Bed and lunch would be possible. Bed and breakfast? Not so much. Until I disover my inner early bird, I'll just putter around doing innkeeper like activities at our own house, "Chez Geoffroy."

My brother and nephew are coming on Tuesday, so this weekend we furnished our guest bedroom, cleaned the hot tub and fixed the grill. I also got the cooking bug and cooked up a storm (Chicken Pho, Butter Chicken, Channa Masala, Thai curry chicken, Biriyani, and a salt caramel filling for French macarons).

I have a feeling there might be a meal or two on the deck if the weather holds. In fact, I foresee many meals on the deck in our new place.

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