Saturday, February 20, 2010

My first "borrow a kid" trip

Brett and I don't plan on having our own kids, so years ago I made a deal with my brother where I could "borrow" his. My nephew turned 10 last fall and for his first trip with us, he chose San Francisco.

He's a huge Lego fan, so our first stop was the Lego Store in San Mateo.

We also stopped at Stinson Beach. It was an unplanned stop but we needed a place to recover from some vomit inducing curves in the road along the coast. Brendan had a ball chasing the waves and being chased. He'd never seen anything quite like it and loved playing with the sea foam, waves and sand.

The enormous redwoods at Muir Woods National monument were also a hit.

But a lot of the fun was had just hanging around our house playing Wii, hugging Holly...

...and digging in the sand along the marsh.

Brendan also had the pleasure of taking the maiden voyage in our hot tub.

Overall it was a great trip. We also went to Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard's "crooked" street, and to a hill so steep there are stairs in the side of it. I even made 2 souvenir photo books for him at Kodak Gallery and had them printed by the lab so we could pick them up. After all that, we asked Brendan what his favorite part of the trip was. His answer: The Lego Store.

Check out his photo books on Kodak Gallery using our new project sharing feature. My Pictures The ones Brendan took.

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cyndee said...

Brendan will have some great memories of this trip. He is getting all grown up! I love all the photos you shared.