Monday, June 30, 2008

Cute snacks for Soccer fans

At the grocery store the other day I was craving "rocket pops" which are those red white and blue popsicles. I saw this package and without really looking at the contents, put it in my basket. When I got home I realized it was a variety pack with soccer ball shaped ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars shaped like soccer players (complete with orange jerseys) and rocket pops in red white and blue (the colors on the Dutch flag). I'm not sure what the ice cream cones represent. Maybe boundary cones?

They're a lot more palatable to me than those sausage logs in the automatic vending machines. I've since learned that those snack shops with vending machines are called Febo, and the sausage logs I posted a picture of a while back are called Frikandel. In the Netherlands, the frikandel mainly consists of a mixture of pork, beef, chicken and horse meat. Horse meat? Yuck.

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