Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Living at the airport

If Tom Hanks can live in the airport in the movie "The Terminal," so can I. The Sheraton at Schiphol airport is our home until we find an apartment that will take our dog. This particular airport hotel isn't so bad though. There's a lake out front that has lots of baby wildlife to look at, from ducklings to bunnies - and it's all I can do to keep Holly out of the water.

There's also a small supermarket on site - which we've been visiting daily to avoid the $5 cans of Diet Coke in the minibar and the $20 hamburgers with room service. I haven't however, been able to give up the $30 per day in-room hotel internet. Some things I just can't do without - though I'll be going into the office for my fix after this.

Holly is settling in to being a hotel dog, and the Sheraton even brought her a dog bed to use. She's about twice the size of the bed, but maybe she can use it as a pillow. Even so she's just happy to lie at our feet.

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