Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dutch ATMs can be pretty cool

Now that we actually HAVE a Dutch bank account we have to fund it - especially because so many things work on auto withdrawal here - like gym memberships and insurance payments. We have a few weeks until payday since pay is deposited monthly, so to avoid "bouncing checks" we had to make a deposit.

Only one branch of our bank is open on Saturdays and they don't handle cash...but the special ATMS in the bank do. In the US I'd have to fill out a deposit ticket and fill out a deposit envelope to make the deposit. Here in Amsterdam it's paperless...

You simply put in your bank card, enter your pin, choose the deposit option and then a little drawer opens and you put your money in it. The machine counts the money and automatically deposits it in your account.

There's also this cool little device you have to use with online banking. You put your ATM card in it and enter your pin on the keys. It then gives you a special temporary code that you enter online. This way, there's no risk of you having your pin number stolen online. I quite like this extra security and wish my US banks had the same thing.

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