Friday, August 1, 2008

There's a mouse in our house!

Unfortunately we have an unwelcome visitor. When we moved into the apartment we noticed poison pellets behind the fridge. I asked the landlords if it was an old problem and they said yes. I vacuumed up the pellets. Then a few nights ago Brett said he saw a mouse....

Tonight I saw it. We were playing Wii bowling. I was winning (as usual since I'm a bowling nerd with 5 years of real league experience under my belt). Out of the corner of my eye I saw something run across the dining room and into the kitchen. Eww. As a person who had pet mice as a kid, this is a very different experience. I'm not loving it.

So, tomorrow we'll be off to the store to buy mouse traps, food storage containers, and a fan. Why the fan? Because we're air conditioning junkies without our fix and it's been a bit steamy and muggy here lately...As with the $10 alarm clock I bought, the $8 fan just isn't cutting it. The $20 router is working like a champ though. You win some you lose some with cheap electronics :-)

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karen said...

Hi Lori - please get a humane trap and release the mouse outside in a field. Give Holly a big hug and kiss for me!