Monday, August 4, 2008

The Dutch love their flowers!

I wrote a month or so ago about a really nice woman I met at the Sheraton at the airport. She sent me a gift of some magnets and offered to have a drink with me one night since I didn't know anyone in Amsterdam.

We finally got together for a drink and decided to meet at my house. When I opened the door she was carrying this beautiful bouquet of flowers. It's very Dutch to bring flowers to someone's house as a gift and I love the tradition.

Flowers are the one thing I've discovered here that are cheaper than in the US - even with the exchange rates. There's a flower shop on every corner and the quality is impeccable. I've heard that the Dutch are one of the world's largest flower exporters, so I guess it makes sense.

We enjoyed chatting for several hours on a patio at a neighborhood bar and I'm sure I'll get together with her again. She was SO much fun and coincidentally is dating a man that lives 10 minutes from Reston, VA. Maybe someday we'll find ourselves having lunch together at Wegmans (a place we both love). :-)

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