Thursday, October 9, 2008

Donkeys, pink unicycles and pigs

I love looking out the window. From my office I can see huge windmills and cruise ships. From the tram I enjoy looking in all the shop windows to see what's new. Today I had an especially interesting view. I saw:

1) A man carrying an entire frozen pig (hog) on his shoulder as he walked down the street.
2) A girl riding a pink unicycle
3) A donkey tied to a city parking meter

As I walked out of the office today I noticed a film crew taking pictures of a man and woman dressed in Mexican clothing. Then I saw the donkey. He was wearing a sombrero and was tied to a parking machine. I took a photo of the spectacle and got on my tram.

On the tram I was thinking about the donkey and the strange scene I had witnessed. I decided to look at the photo again and noticed a "boot" on the donkey's leg. Not a protective animal shoe, but a boot like you'd see on a car that has too many unpaid parking tickets.

I don't know for sure what they were doing, but I suspect it's a public service anouncement about parking enforcement. The Dutch have a funny sense of humor about these things. When I was in baggage claim at the Amsterdam airport a few weeks back there was a suitcase on the carousel with a sign on it that said "Have something to declare? Go to the red line at customs." It was only on the 2nd time that the bag went by me that I noticed the fake alligator tail sticking out of the suitcase. :-)

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