Saturday, October 4, 2008

World Animal Day

Our dog walker brought Holly some treats yesterday in celebration of World Animal Day on October 4th. The most unique gift was beer made for dogs. I'm sure Holly will love it since she likes to lick up the few drops of people beer that Brett occasionally gives her.

In celebration of World Animal Day the pet shops had special events and giveaways and even the bars were getting into the spirit. One bar had dog beer posters in the window, and a man dressed like a kangaroo was out front welcoming guests. I love that you can take your "best friend" to the bar for some suds.

We also got Holly a small treat, which she's eagerly enjoying as I type this.


ljc said...

drat. I totally missed World Animal Day. Oscar and Stewie won't let me live this down.

Lori said...

That's ok. I'd never even heard of it before my dog walker brought Holly the dog beer.

Red Shouldered Hawk said...

I love the Holly pic! I miss her so much!! Out of curiosity how much does a dog walker cost over there compared to the SF Bay Area?

- Karen