Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Germany - an environmentally friendly country

When Brett and I were at Oktoberfest, they served some street food in dishes made out of edible "cake cone" like materials. At the Christmas markets, they served the drinks in ceramic mugs and charged a 2 Euro deposit. At Starbucks they serve coffee in reusable cups, unless you request takeaway. I quite like this effort and wish more US companies would adopt earth friendly operating principles.


ljc said...

That is so awesome. I noticed soda came in glass bottles more often than plastic in Germany... nice.

Courtenay said...

That's not all. Residential trash has to be separated into the following system:
Glass is separated ito brown, green, and white in different receptacles which you find a few blocks from your door.
Paper in another container next to it.
Aluminum tins/cans go in another one next to that.
Trash picked up at your house must be separated too!
'Clean' wrapping trash (think plastic wrap on CDs) goes into a special plastic yellow trash bag.
Food scraps go into biodegrable paper sack and into a green wheelie bin.
All other 'dirty' trash goes into a gray wheelie bin. You actually have VERY little of this at the end of the week.
The trash is picked up in one go in special trucks that keep it separated.
Now I know you knew Germans were efficient - but really - you have no idea...

ljc said...

Courtenay - that is SUPER!