Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One lonely picture from London

This is the only picture that Brett and I have of our trip to London. Sadly, our memory card was lost, somewhere in the streets of London after a full day of touring. This is an especially ironic passing as the reason it was removed from the camera in the first place was to protect the pictures from theft in case the bag check staff at a restaurant had sticky fingers and stole the camera.
Alas, the camera is still here, the photos are gone, but the memories remain. Here are the things you will NOT be seeing photos of on my blog....

1. The Tower of London.
2. Brett inside a British Guard booth looking “mock mean.”
3. Lori hugging a statue of an archer.
4. The sign at the Tower of London that told guests how to get to various points like the toilets, the entrance, and of course – the beheading area, which had it’s own unique cartoon like symbol – making beheading seem cuter somehow.
5. Buckingham Palace in the rain.
6. The London Eye in the rain.
7. Brett in front of Westminster Abbey in the rain.

Oh well. I always have the pictures in my mind…and the one photo from the camera’s internal memory.

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ljc said...

Achhhh! So sorry about your memory card! That is so sad!