Friday, December 5, 2008

Sinterklaas is here!

If you're Dutch and you have kids, chances are that tonight you're eating a cake shaped like Sinterklas' politically incorrect black helper, Zwarte Piet. You've also given your sweetheart a letter made of chocolate shaped like the first letter in their name.

Last, you've asked a neighbor (or hired someone) to knock on your door and drop presents wrapped in a garbage bag at the doorstep so your kids could think that Sinterklaas just came. You put your shoes out by the fireplace (or radiator) along with a carrot for Sinterklaas' horse, and the next morning the shoes are filled with candy.

It's interesting - but I think I like Santa Claus better. Who knew hiring a personal Santa to knock on doors was a business though. I wonder how much they get paid....

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