Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Japanese Pancake World

Last week, Brett and I went to Japanese Pancake World for dinner. Contrary to the image the name might imply, it wasn't a a cavernous palace of blinking lights and flashing neon. It was actually a sedate, intimate restaurant where the craft of Okonomiyaki is practiced.

Okonomiyaki is a batter pancake where the batter is made of flour, grated yam, water or dashi, eggs and shredded cabbage. It also usually contains other ingredients such as meat, seafood, vegetables and cheese. Each pancake takes about 30 minutes to make, and the chef was happy to have people sit at the bar and watch him craft their dinner.

It was an interesting meal and I'm glad we went. I won't crave them, but Brett was really impressed, so I'm guessing we'll be back one day soon. Judging from the packed house, it's clear others share his palate.

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