Friday, April 3, 2009

Just because I don't speak Dutch doesn't mean I'm a tourist!

I live near a large convention center called the RAI. Every month or 2 I'm walking the dog in the morning when someone comes up to me and asks where it is in Dutch. I reply back "Do you speak English?" in Dutch, and everytime it's the same reaction:

1) A kind of disbelieving laugh. One that implies "Great. I picked the one American tourist in this part of town."
2) A head shake
3) A raised hand with a "nevermind"

Then I say "I live here. What are you looking for?" They answer "the RAI" and I point to a traffic light and tell them to turn right. They thank me a bit disbelievingly and get on their way.

I think I've been asked for directions to various places at least 10 times (and once was even asked to call a cab for some people from France). I'm quite proud to say I've been able to get every single one of them to their destination.

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