Sunday, April 26, 2009

Traditional Dutch Food at Moeder's

One of Brett's friends is visiting from the US this week and he wanted to try some traditional Dutch food. Brett took him to our favorite Dutch pancake house for lunch, and then for dinner we went to Moeders (Dutch for Mothers).

It's a cute restaurant with hundreds if not thousands of pictures of moms inside (they encourage you to bring one of your own to add to the collection) and all the plates, silverware and glassware are different. Apparently at their grand opening, each guest was invited to bring a complete table setting, and the mismatched items are still used to serve diners today. If that's not gezellig (cozy in Dutch), I don't know what is.

We ate a Dutch rice table (which contrary to conventional thinking doesn't include rice). It's just a term that means "small selection of everything on the menu" so we enjoyed:

Hotchpotch, which is a concoction of mashed potatoes and vegetables (the vegetable we were served was sauerkraut) along with smoked sausage, meatball & bacon.

Suddervlees - which is stewed beef (braised steak). Kind of like pot roast.

Hachée - hashed meat...also kind of like pot roast.

The food wasn't really blue, as my camera phone makes it out to be - but the meal was served with stewed red cabbage, applesauce, roasted potatoes and boiled potatoes. Lots of carbs and not a lot of greens - but it was definitely one pot "comfort food." A typical meal for a Dutch farmer's family. Cheap, filling, and made in one pot. You have to love the lack of dishes to wash!


Dana said...

I love this place. We went when I was 9 months pregnant and they gave me a bib that said "I look like my Mum" - in Dutch Orange.

I am glad you liked it!

Lori said...

That's great! The staff there is really nice. Thanks for the tip!