Thursday, September 3, 2009

The flamingo contest results are in...

A few weeks ago we announced a flamingo decorating contest at work. Participation was optional, but we had a good turnout, with over 12 teams. Even though not everybody participated, visitors and employees alike enjoyed looking at the flock that formed in our lobby. Although there were many strong entries, a few designs bubbled to the top.

Team "Transmingo" won the most creative category when they turned their pink bird into a yellow one and wired it up like a transformer.

Team "King of the Flock" won the funniest category when they made a Michael Jackson inspired flamingo complete with a glittering glove and a surgical mask. Even without the music that went with it this one was a crowd pleaser.

And for Star Wars fans, team "AT-AF" was a standout with their "All Terrain" Attack Flamingo.

Alice in Wonderland fans will appreciate the entry below. Overall it was a fun event that generated a lot of laughs and some great team spirit.

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ljc said...

Great job! I love Transmingo.