Sunday, September 13, 2009

Retro Recipes

I've been busy this week cleaning out my dad's house, which is no small feat. He's been in the house for 42 years and was a pack rat of sorts (he washed and re-used microwave dinner trays and used coffee can lids for coasters, for example). I counted 16 lids at one point. Plus, how many coffee pots can one man own? Answer: 6. How many of those coffee pots actually work? Answer: 2.
Although most of the stuff I'm sifting through is quite boring, I found my mom's old recipe folders today. I had a blast scanning through them and thought I'd share them with you over the next few posts.
Recipe idea #1: Adding chopped hot dogs to chicken broth. Although I'd never think to add hot dogs to soup, the marketers at Lipton thought that would be a tasty treat. You can't fault them for trying to give their readers new ideas - even if they're loaded with sodium and nitrates. Mmmm :-)

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Cyndee said...

This is a scream! But I can remember the taste of this instant soup. I think it might actually be improved by a few hot dog bits!