Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun food of Belgium

While in Belgium we made a point of going to the grocery store. It's one of our favorite attractions in every country we visit. It was a Carrefour Express, which is part of a French chain. Given the French influence it was no big surprise to find Cassoulet in a can. We also continue to find interesting potato chip flavors - from Shwarma to Pickle to Ketchup flavors. You could almost make a burger by combining those 3.

I mentioned in an earlier post that french fries or "frites" are popular in Belgium. They definitely take them seriously there, even selling a special "frite" potatoes in the produce section. As a lover of all things potato and fried, I heartily approve.


Red Shouldered Hawk said...

What's "Schwarma?"

Lori said...

Hey Matt,
Shwarma is a shaved meat that you often see in Middle Eastern restaurants. There's this big slab of meat the rotates on a spit and they shave off pieces of it to put in a pita with some lettuce and garlic sauce. It's got a few different spellings, but it's usually a reference to "shaved meat."

Meredith said...

Hi Lori,
Tom Hoehn from Kodak mentioned your blog to me. We are moving to Eindhoven in about a month from Rochester (with our golden doodle, Lacey). Would love to get together once we arrive! Please send me an email:

it is at yahoo, and I dont want to type it directly of course, hoping to avoid the spam bots. Hope to hear from you!