Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rabbits, rabbits everywhere

When I leave the office each night, I often see some resident bunnies living by the tram tracks. They happily munch away at clover in the field nearby. I find it interesting because my office is in a relatively urban area - and also because this isn't my first rabbit encounter in Amsterdam.

Holly used to like to watch the 10-15 resident rabbits at Schiphol airport, and then one night when we were walking with friends in Nieuw Sloten, we came upon another large group.

They don't look wild either. They're black, white, spotted, brown, etc and look like the ones you'd find at a pet store. Maybe people get them as pets and then let them go? Regardless, they're really cute and I just want to hold them whenever I see them.

The other thing I see a lot of? Metal tree trunks. I thought they might be shelter for the bunnies but heard that they're an art project.

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Anonymous said...

I watch these bunnies every day when my tram goes through Sloterdijk. I think that the black ones are surely abandoned. They seem to have no fear of people at all. I've read somewhere that rabbits get abandoned as pets more than other animals. Very sad.