Monday, September 1, 2008

Amusing airport ads

I saw a few funny ads in the aiport recently:

1) Stroopwaffels by the case. Buy 5 cases get 1 free. This was AFTER you've dropped off your bags and gone through passport control (they do security scanning at the gates). Who has room for 5 cases of stroopwaffles in their carry on? Don't get me wrong - Stroopwaffels are delicious. They're little wafer cookies with soft caramel inside - but even if you loved them the offer seems a little impractical. Look at the size of those boxes!

2) Buy 2 large Heineken and get a pair of free flip flops. I guess that would help get you in vacation mode..

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Red Shouldered Hawk said...

I LOVE stroopwaffels! The ad must be for people dropping off someone at the airport. I got hooked on them when I was the Gourmet Dept. Head at Cost Plus World Market. We always got them at Christmastime. Between the stroopwaffels, marzipan and the assorted spice cookies, I kept them in business! - karen K