Saturday, September 27, 2008


Last Saturday Brett and I met some friends from San Francisco at Oktoberfest in Munich. In addition to the beer tents there were rides, food stalls, souvenir shops and a parade. It was opening day and people started arriving at the beer tents early in order to secure a seat. We arrived at 9AM and the tent we chose was already FULL - 3 hours before they were even serving beer. What makes it even crazier to me is that some tents can hold up to 10,000 people! I guess the people of Munich love their beer.

The festival is attended by locals and international tourists alike, and everyone had fun showing off their dirndls and lederhosen (leather pants). Some men even wore "calf warmers" to show off their calves, which are considered the sexiest part of the male body in Bavaria.

At noon a rolling cheer went from tent to tent and they started serving the beer. The oompah bands started playing and the festival began. Waitresses carried 5-10 liters of beer at a time to the tables of thirsty festival goers. It was an impressive sight. These women had biceps of steel! With each glass easily weighing 5pounds, Oktoberfest is a fun way to do strength training for your arms :-)

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