Sunday, July 27, 2008

Amsterdam is a small city

Yesterday Brett and I did errands. That's what Saturdays have become since everything closes at 6PM during the week. We got our ATM cards activated and then had lunch at Tokyo Cafe, which came recommended by my colleagues for having reasonably priced sushi. For a fixed price you can select 8 items, ranging from salmon hand rolls to miso soup. It was a good value and we enjoyed sitting outside watching the street scene.

A woman was seated at the table next to us and after we told our waiter that we'd be back again next week, she said "I love this place and come here often." We continued on with our day and ended up going to see the new Batman movie - Dark Knight. As I came back from the concession stand with a beer and popcorn (yes they serve beer here) - who was sitting next to Brett? The girl from the sushi restaurant. She smiled and said "get used to it. Amsterdam is a small town."

We enjoyed the movie - which was in English and had Dutch subtitles. One translation that made us laugh was "Oh Crap" in English translated to "Oh Crap" in Dutch. :-) We also were surprised to see Bacardi mojito ads before the movie started, and liked listening to the dance music before the show instead of the usual 80's soft rock.

On the tram on the way home we chatted with a retired American couple from St. Louis who was in town for 3 days before they left on a cruise to Norway. They were really impressed with the city and were enjoying their time here. I really enjoy talking with people here and think that might be one of my favorite parts about living in Amsterdam.

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