Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to move a piano down 3 flights of Dutch stairs

I've blogged before about the incredibly steep stairs in some Dutch houses. Not only are they steep, they're narrow and curvy as well. Moving things in and out of them must be a real pain. I struggled with a 40 pound box from Ikea and can't imagine having to move something heavier like a piano.

The solution: pulleys that are attached to a large hook on the front of the house OR motorized ladders. The people across the street from our apartment were moving out the other day and I watched the movers set up an electric platform attached to a ladder. I didn't see them move anything on it before I had to go to work, but Brett saw them bringing a piano down. If only moves could be that easy in the US. Then again - our houses aren't typically built with windows large enough to put a piano through. Still, it's pretty cool.

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