Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meeting new people

I've really enjoyed my encounters with people I've met here. There's the tram conductor who laughs with me each day as I try to correctly prounounce my stop, the woman I met at the tram stop from Surinam who saved me a seat, and then today I met two American women for a walk in Beatrix Park.

When I was looking for an apartment a few months back a woman responded to my posting and said she didn't have an apartment, but that she also had a Golden Retriever and would be moving to Amsterdam in June. She suggested we meet for walks one day.

Today I met with her and one of her co-workers at Beatrixpark, which is where the photo above was taken. We all have large dogs (there were 2 goldens and a chocolate lab in the mix) and while the dogs enjoyed running through the park together, we talked about things like dog walkers, yoga classes and expat life in general. They were both very nice and I look forward to walking with them again soon.

Tomorrow I go to apply for my residency permit. I hope they let me stay :-)

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